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Be Sure to Get Out and Vote in This Election

Two weeks ago, the Delta Chamber of Commerce hosted two all-candidates forums ahead of our upcoming municipal election. Those who attended both events had the opportunity to hear from most mayoral and councillor candidates on a variety of topics relevant to those in business here in Delta: from the evergreen topics of transportation and housing to those of zoning, taxation, densification, reconciliation, development, diversity, economic development, public transit and more.



Each individual running for office during this election — whether it be for the position of mayor, councillor or school trustee — is investing a significant amount of time, energy and effort into the process; we spent at least six hours with many of these folks at our forums alone. Each candidate, regardless of their positions or perspective on the issues at hand, is committing to engaging in the democratic process and to serving Delta, with a desire to help maintain its good qualities and take steps to improve it over the next four years.

Thank you to all the candidates running for your participation in the democratic process. Thank you for the time away from your jobs, daily activities, friends, families, pets and other commitments. Your willingness to participate in this process is democracy at work.

Municipal government is the form of government closest to home for each of us. As we elect civic leaders for the next four years, we are determining not just which candidate(s) we agree with on one issue or topic, but which candidate(s) we most closely align with and feel will best represent us at city hall on any variety of items which may come up for discussion. The decisions at this level reflect our everyday lives — parks, recreation, public safety and schools.


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In the past few years, we have lived in unprecedented times, and now more than ever we can see that our right to vote in free and fair elections is truly a cornerstone of democracy. With the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine, and the protests in Iran (amid many other issues around the world), I am reminded of the privilege we hold and of the importance of actively participating in this process as a voter. As the Delta Elections webpage says, “Voting gives Canadians the power to choose officials that best represent them. Your vote matters.”

In the coming days, please take some time to read through candidate profile information and Q&As, attend events where candidates may be speaking, check out the Delta Chamber of Commerce website, where we have answers to some of the questions we didn’t have time for in-person at our Delta Candidates Business Forums (as well as video of the forum on Sept. 28), and if you have questions about your eligibility or how, where or when to vote, check out the City of Delta website.

Most importantly, please take a few moments of your time to participate in our democratic process on Election Day (Oct. 15). Be sure to get out and vote!

Jill McKnight is the executive director of the Delta Chamber of Commerce.

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