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Certificates of Origin

The Delta Chamber of Commerce is authorized to certify Certificates of Origin for export.

Certificate of Origin (CO) is an important international trade document attesting that goods in a particular export shipment are wholly obtained, produced, manufactured or processed in a particular country.

COs also constitute a declaration by the exporter. Virtually every country in the world considers the origin of imported goods when determining what duty will be assessed on the goods or, in some cases, whether the goods may be legally imported at all.

To determine if a CO is required, contact the Trade Information Centre of the export destination.

To download a Certificate of Origin template, please CLICK HERE.

As of April 3, 2018, the Delta Chamber of Commerce, as a matter of policy and for reasons of liability, will now require all documents presented to us must be notarized before the Chamber certifies them. Freight Forwarders/Exporters that frequently use our service often find the notarization process costly and time consuming; an alternative to notarization of these documents is through a “Letter of Waiver.”

To view and download a sample "Letter of Waiver" please click on the links below:

Freight Forwarder Letter of Waiver

Exporter Letter of Waiver

These letters MUST BE TYPED and COMPLETED ON YOUR COMPANY’S LETTERHEAD and MUST BE SIGNED AND SEALED BY A NOTARY OR COMMISSIONER OF OATHS. Please only use the template provided as other letters will not be accepted. The letter will then be kept on file for a maximum of two years.  If any of the signing authorities change a new letter must be brought in to the Chamber office before documents will be stamped.


If you are looking for a notary, please reach out to Delta Chamber member Sterling Notary Public at 604.946.0588.


Member Price: $15.00
plus GST


Non-Member Price: $32
plus GST


Prices are to certify one set of CO documents of up to 10 pages. Additional pages are extra.

Certification takes place at the Delta Chamber of Commerce, 6201 60th Avenue, Delta, BC (see on map).

The Delta Chamber of Commerce CAN NOT certify the following documents:

  • Certificates of origin from other countries;
  • Government inspection agency certificates;
  • NAFTA certificates of origin;
  • Any document with a boycott clause;
  • Scholastic degrees or diplomas; and
  • Personal documents, such as divorce, marriage or death certificates.
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