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Delta Chamber Appoints Jill McKnight as Incoming Executive Director

We're pleased to announce the appointment of Jill McKnight as our new Executive Director of the Delta Chamber of Commerce.

Jill, a longtime resident of Delta, is a seasoned business and community leader who understands that relationships are the cornerstone of success for any business, large or small, and a key component to strong communities. As the co-owner of two Delta businesses, Jill has refined her relationship skills to customize her interactions with stakeholders which created engaging experiences for customers and vendors while establishing Ladner Village as a destination to live, work, and play. Jill recognizes that businesses play a vital role in building strong, healthy, and vibrant communities.
This understanding, combined with her passion and skills to influence stakeholders, makes her a valuable resource to build opportunities for growth and prosperity of local industries and businesses. She is a community leader and builder who was awarded the Volunteer of the Year Award by the Delta Chamber in 2019.
We look forward to having Jill Delta Chamber Executive Director at the helm of our Chamber.
Kind regards,
Rick Gibbs
Chair of the Board
Delta Chamber of Commerce
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