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Delta All-Candidates Business Forums: Follow Up Q&A with Canadidates

Monday, October 3rd, 2022

Thank all community members who attended our two Delta All Candidates Business Forums last week, and to each of the mayoral and conciliar candidate who participated. It was exactly that excellent participation which resulted in more questions submitted than we had time to address to candidates during the event.

Questions submitted in advance, and at the event, were scrutineered to screen out duplicate questions or questions not deemed suitable for the purpose and/or focus of these events. Submitted, scrutineered, and unanswered questions were sent out to all candidates (regardless of whether they attended the events) on Thursday, September 29th to allow them to opportunity to respond in writing by the publication deadline of Sunday, October 2nd.

Responses by Candidates

Responses are limited to 250 words per question, are original in content as received from the candidates, and are listed below alphabetically by last name.

  1. What is the most important issue facing Delta residents and what steps will you take to address this issue?
  2. What role should the municipal government (vs provincial or federal) play in ensuring the development of safe, affordable housing in Delta?
  3. “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion” can be buzzwords, or they can be principles by which to live, work, and operate a business or organization. What does a diverse, inclusive, safe, and equitably accessible Delta mean to you?
  4. What steps would you take as a Delta Council member to attract and retain businesses which fulfill service gaps in our community; especially for those who may be socio-economically disadvantaged? (i.e. lack of a coin-operated laundromat in Ladner)
  5. What steps can Delta take to encourage and expand filming in all of Delta and not just Ladner?
  6. What will you do to support the concept of quiet, family-owned businesses in residential areas, such as corner stores, coffee shops, etc., which allow residents the opportunity to walk to services in their neighbourhoods?
  7. Councillor Candidates Only – Already Asked to Mayoral Candidates: What further steps will you champion towards Reconciliation with local Indigenous communities?

Councillor Candidates:


(1)   Housing and rental affordability along with senior housing is a central issue for Delta. Steps that I support are :

  • Gradual densification to continue
  • Rental affordability and senior hosing becoming a bigger problem of late and to get worse by all predictions, incentivize future densification projects to focus on purpose built rentals, senior housing, and other priority housing ( co-op, below market rentals, subsidized rentals, accessible rentals etc.) with all types of housing in the mix.
  • By-law amendments allowing re-development  of smaller homes in smaller lots (Higgins project) should be looked into.
  • Large projects to be along transport corridors
  • Accessory suites , laneway units, carriage and cottage units to have fast approvals
  • Faster approval time for all housing development

(2)   Municipal governments having an intricate and close relationship with it’s people , it’s land and infrastructure should be fully responsible for approvals and everything that goes with it ( zoning/re-zoning, variance etc ) for the development of safe, affordable housing in Delta. Provincial/federal governments having the  bigger picture in mind, to incentivize targets without directly getting involved might not be a bad idea.

(3)   Our diverse population based on race , religion, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, able/disabled should all have their voices heard, included in the decision making process, feel safe in-spite of their differences from violence, abuse and discrimination and have access to all services , programs and physical structures. This is what a diverse, inclusive , safe and equitably accessible Delta mean to me.

(4)  I will make a needs assessment with input from the community regarding service gaps. Then I will assess for the business case/ business viability based on critical mass and socio-economic data for the area ( if appropriate). These will be done by the appropriate staff at City Hall. Once a business case is made then I will consider to incentivize  those businesses with like tax breaks for 2 or 3 years, if regular  marketing channels didn’t bring the necessary outcome. We don’t want businesses to fail in their first year and have empty buildings/ spaces specially with a looming recession around the corner. To have a vibrant city  , we need successful businesses for the long run.

(5)   First have a dialogue with the film industry to find out why are they filming only Ladner. Once the reason is known from the film industry, the City can take steps to rectify any shortcomings considering the  cost/ benefit ratio to the City. I’m not sure attracting such a rich industry with tax benefits ( like other Cities do )  to film in other parts of Delta is a wise move or not. Depends on the total revenue it brings to the City and indirect economic benefit to the community in large.

(6)   With “ Complete Communities “ envisioned in the Metro 2050 Master plan for the region adapted by the Delta Housing Action Plan, such family owned small businesses are an integral part to that concept where residents can walk or cycle in short time to the services they need. I will get the public to buy into that concept as the change of the future that will happen organically and cannot be stopped  with more and more of the younger generation getting into the workforce wanting to live that way. News paper articles, public forums and online dispersal of information  are some of the means to get the public to buy into it.

(7)   Reconciliation with the local indigenous communities is paramount to me, as they are always going to be our neighbours and having a cordial and friendly relationship makes both our communities thrive and live happily. I will want to see regular dialogue by a designated Councillor or City official  with their Council to have that cordial friendship, exchange information as to what’s happening in our communities. Any problems we might encounter , I will approach and strive  for a win / win solution then a  "winner takes it all”  kind of approach. I will support to have a few functions/ events organized and arranged by both sides so that communities can mingle and get to know each other better. I will also support any other measures brought forward that eliminates the  “ They versus Us “ kind of perspective.


* Please see "Achieving for Delta" responses at bottom of post


* Please see "Achieving for Delta" responses at bottom of post


(1)   Transit is the most important ISSUE  as Delta grows. Delta is always behind in getting the service we need. I would present the advantages of having better transit in Delta and Surrey where the growth of population and  businesses are. If  the Provincial Government sees more revenue by increasing the transit system THEY WILL DO IT.

(2)   By cutting down the RED TAPE in both FEDERAL AND PROVINCIAL GOVERNMENTS  and sending more money here to B.C. instead of most of the tax money going to the EAST.

(3)   These will stay Buzzwords until someone can make more money.  Then it will change for the better.

(4)   I would talk to people to hear what they want for businesses in their  neighborhoods. I would see what the planning department  would allow or would  not allow and get answers that make  sense. Too many people in  municipal jobs decide what can or can't be done based on their opinion.

(5)   I have worked in the film business for 38 years and have a lot of contacts in the business both local and L.A. studios. There are alot of places in North and South Delta to film location work that haven't been looked at.

(6)   The same answer as question 4.

(7)   I would like to see that everybody in Delta is treated the same,  both personal and in business.


* Please see "Achieving for Delta" responses at bottom of post


* Please see "Achieving for Delta" responses at bottom of post


  • No response received

JOHAL, Jennifer

* Please see "Achieving for Delta" responses at bottom of post

KOLVYN, Moneca

(1)   The most important thing to Delta residents is different. I would suggest that Ladner farmers are not too concerned about traffic on Scott Road. North Delta doesn't really care whether a 6 rise or a 4 rise goes in Ladner village. We are answering an unanswerable question by pooling all Delta residents into one. A Ladner resident once told me that they were tired of hearing about Alex Fraser and Annacis congestion. Rightfully so..

(2)   What is safe? and what is affordable. Our present Mayor lives on a golf course-is that affordable?????? The government can not possibly make idle promises about housing as the municipal level does not control interest rates-borrowing capability etc. This current regime has actually done NOTHING about an issue-that technically they can not anyway-but have made wild promises. This is a process that is collaborative. It is a situation that [oliticians actually want to solve-it appears this is not the case.

(3)   All these "buzzwords" are in our constitution. The right to freedom of movement-freedom of thought etc. It is not politicians role to keep people accountable-individuals are smart enough to demand these freedoms and rights.

(4)   Well-Since this is the question-I would open a coin operated laundry the first month in office. I would document how difficult it is-and document if it does or does not make money!

(5) The film industry is well aware of locations-we do not need to do anything. The jobs are limited with a "site" production and often the jobs come from elsewhere.

(6)   Make it easier to do-do a public consult-and make a decision. Often parking will be the barrier.  But when City hall has a public hearing-make it happen and LISTEN to the people!!!!!!

(7)   Why not simply ask our indigenous communities what they would like to see? We can not make decisions for something we don't actually know or necessarily understand. Weare back to the entire purpose of my desire to serve Delat-ASK  RESIDENTS AND LISTEN TO THE ANSWER!!!!


* Please see "Achieving for Delta" responses at bottom of post

READ, Brian

(1)   The most important issue facing Delta residents is affordable housing for both purchase and rental. Delta needs to allow and facilitate more homes to be built. There is not one answer to this problem. Permit times need to be shortened to allow the new build. With the new build, suites should be allowed which will make more rentals available. Maybe some sort of tax break for the home owners renting these suites to charge market rate and not crazy rental rates. I have an issue with the cars parked all over the roads though, so I'd like to see the cars have off road parking. Delta streets are too narrow and it's an accident waiting to happen with both regular traffic and emergency vehicles getting through. More high density builds along the busy corridors with designated rental units, perhaps blended with purchased units. Smaller houses on smaller lots, Duplex and FourPlex housing all sprinkled within the community. Medium density with commercial on the bottom in the bedroom community areas to provide for meeting places (coffee shops), dentist, doctor, etc to give seniors a place to downsize to, stay in the community and be able to walk to the amenities.

(2)   It's easy to point the finger at other government levels but you have to get involved within the community and the level you have the ability to do something at. Developing new areas of build while ensuring parks, meeting spaces and recreational facilities are available and accessible. Ensuring well lit areas for safety.

(3)   A community where everybody is treated equal and has equal access to facilities and support systems. A community that educates and sets examples as to how to treat all people with respect and not judge where they came from or who they are or who they choose to be.  Treat others and you expect to be treated.

(4)   As a small business owner, I fully support small businesses which enhance and fill service gaps!  From what I hear in the community, it takes too long to get a business license and is a frustrating process.  As a leader in the community, I would encourage and advertise "supporting local".

(5)   Ladner is a very unique community similar to Cloverdale and Fort Langley. The filming industry looks for what they need and the small town heritage charm is very popular with them. It's another big reason we must be so careful with the development in the Ladner Village and surrounding areas. As long as they are filming in "Delta" whether it be Ladner or elsewhere, the revenue is still coming into "Delta".  There was recently filming at the Kennedy's Pub in North Delta, which is another "unique, bit dated, small town feel" location but again, it shouldn't matter where in Delta the filming is happening as the revenue is benefitting "Delta".

(6)   I think we all have to support the concept of local, family-owned, small businesses. Again, as a leader in the community, sharing with others to attend and frequent these businesses or we won't have them. Encouraging people to share 'good news' stories on social media.

(7)   We need to continue to observe and learn from Indigenous people about the communities they evolved from and support them in their continued journey. As one person, I am still learning from not only this community, but others as well. It's important that we move forward together, while learning and supporting one another on an equal level. This is another example of diversity, equity and inclusion.

SUN, Stephan

  • No response received


  • No response received

Mayor Candidates:

HARVIE, George

* Please see "Achieving for Delta" responses at bottom of post

RANDHAWA, Joginder

(1)   Affordable housing for the youth and transportation connectivity. Rapid bus service is key for reaching point A to B. Long waits at bus stands be eliminated. For car parking, proper planning be made for the new infrastructure, so frequency of our movements  meet the latest standards of the world class cities. We want to see Delta as a vibrant fast growing community. We do have more potential to see our community living happily with all amenities available to our residents. Congestion of traffic going through George Messy Tunnel and Alex Fraser bridge make life difficult for our commuters, families and businesses. My priority will be to fast forward construction of the bridge. Planning and project blueprint will be followed quickly. The provincial and federal government funding will be expedited for the project. The LNG project with divided views of our residents can be brought to open discussion with our Delta residents. Majority vote on that will be considered, keeping Deltians’ happy about what they want and say.

Kathleen Higgins proposal ground oriented, affordable, home ownership with no strata fee in Delta will be brought up in council and discussed along with what kind of infrastructure we need for car parking with that kind of density; preplanning and pre zoning will be looked into.

(2)    Our local government role with the provincial and federal government is to ask funding for our planned projects in accordance with ICLEI guidelines duly discussed with chamber of commerce and trade Centre. Output from these resources will be available to the City . Decisive discussion with our residents will be the key to pursue that kind of decision for our community. Tax payers’ dollars will never be wasted.

(3)   One of the vibrant and fast growing Delta with job creation for our youth, Delta with its own values of diversity, equality and inclusiveness is a mirror through which we will be able to expect and see that our children do far better than what we have done in our life time. Delian's’ need all facilities so we all can be happy and focus on future for our children’ s education and medical needs.

(4)   Collaborating with chamber of commerce and trade centre new plan will be promulgated to attract small and big businesses in delta. With the helping tools needed for their growth in our city. Licensing and permits will be made easy by the city. Of course, Covid-19 had effected lot of businesses, some of it were shut down. New restaurants with variety of food will be made available to the residents. Delta has enormous potential for recreational activities, so the city will do the best to keep our youth and families happy.

(5)   Environmentally green Delta with far stretched farmlands, our film industry can create more jobs for our youth and enhance its potential to grow all over in Delta. The city and chamber of commerce will help the filming industry for its needs discussed with the CEO or Directors of the filming. Suitable infrastructure with all the tools at our disposal. We want to see Delta one of the best place to live on the earth.

(6)    First I will take feedback from already existing quiet family owned businesses. From experience of their businesses ,pros and cons will be discussed and strategy will be made how to enhance such businesses. Suitable by -law be made with the consent of residents living near by those kind of businesses. Creation of jobs near such businesses will have a comprehensive plan keeping infrastructure in mind which may not effect the way people already living in those areas. Progressive ideas will always be embraced with feed back from our residents, so they are happy and our overall community is happy . Delta will always smile and glow with all of our input to the City Hall.


  • No response received


 * Achieving for Delta Responses

(1)   Maintaining public safety should be a key focus for the next Mayor and Council. Thanks to long-term investments in public safety, Delta continues to be recognized as one of the safest communities in Canada, with a crime index score that reflects both low incidences of crime as well as severity. Contributing to this safety record is Delta’s No Call Too Small policy, which delivers a customer-focused and community-centered approach to policing. We are able to respond to every call quickly and compassionately thanks to long-term investments in our local first responders, who are among the best-resourced in the region. Since 2018, Mayor George Harvie and the Achieving for Delta team have prioritized safety in Delta to ensure residents continue to feel safe at home, in their communities and on their commutes.
For this reason, we define safety holistically to include: law enforcement, emergency preparedness response, road safety and protecting Delta’s most vulnerable. While other cities are cutting their police budgets, Delta continues to prioritize investment in public safety. This year, George Harvie and each of the Achieving for Delta council candidates were also proud to receive an endorsement from Delta Firefighters Local 1763.

(2)   A 2021 report jointly commissioned by the federal and provincial governments identified municipal government policies as a major barrier for improving housing affordability and supply in British Columbia, especially in Metro Vancouver. To urgently address the growing housing crisis, it has never been more important to elect a mayor and council who understand the importance of reducing red tape around permitting and working collaboratively with housing agencies and the private sector to get housing options built for our families, seniors and most vulnerable. Only Mayor George Harvie and the Achieving for Delta team have the experience and record on housing to deliver on these solutions to keep families together in Delta. While other candidates have denied the existence of the housing crisis, Mayor George Harvie and the Achieving for Delta team worked tirelessly to deliver historic housing agreements that put the priorities of Delta communities first. This includes negotiating provisions to put Delta residents at the front of the line for purchases and rentals, securing much-needed below-market rental units and ensuring investment in greenspace.

(3)   Delta is proudly home to one of the most diverse populations in the Lower Mainland. This diversity of perspectives and experiences – across age, race, religion, identity, culture and abilities – is what makes us strong and contributes to our reputation as one of the best cities in Canada to live, work and raise a family. Delta has long held core values of diversity and inclusion. However, as a driving factor in his decision to retire as city manager and run for Mayor of Delta, George Harvie recognized there was much more work to do to ensure everyone in Delta feels safe, celebrated and included in their communities. That’s why Mayor George Harvie established Delta’s first task force on diversity, inclusion and anti-racism, designed to review Delta’s policies and facilitate collaboration between Council and members of the community to find meaningful and tangible ways to take action and affect change. Mayor George Harvie and Achieving for Delta championed the raising for the Pride flag each June during Pride Month for the first time in Delta’s history, and endorsed grant requests to local community groups supporting LGBTQ+ residents. We are committed to continuing to champion initiatives that make Delta a welcoming place for everyone. An inclusive community is also one that has its diversity reflected on Delta Council. Achieving for Delta is proud to be running the most diverse and qualified slate of candidates in Delta history.

(4)   Delta Council cannot just sit back and wait for investment to come to Delta. We need to proactively seek out the kind of investment that will move our community forward. That’s why the Achieving for Delta team is committed to hiring an Economic Development Officer to work with the Delta Chamber and other business groups to attract high quality businesses to our city.

(5)   The film industry represents hundreds of jobs here in Delta. Filming also has additional benefits for the local economy when production companies shop and eat locally. The Achieving for Delta team supports filming in Delta, while also remaining committed to working with residents who may be affected by filming in their local neighbourhoods. The Achieving for Delta team will continue to foster a positive environment for filming in Delta. Through our new Economic Development Officer, we will work collaboratively with our local film liaison, Creative BC, and the Delta Chamber of Commerce to attract more productions not just to Ladner, but all across our community.

(6)   The Achieving for Delta team supports the concept of a “15-minute neighbourhood,” where residents have the ability to walk to their local coffee shop, restaurant, neighbourhood pub, or grocery store. We have to work to protect existing neighbourhood corner stores and add more where appropriate. Local corner stores reduce reliance on cars, promote healthy and active lifestyles, and foster a sense of community in local neighbourhoods.

(7)   The Achieving for Delta Council candidates are committed to working together with local Indigenous communities towards meaningful reconciliation. We are committed to continuing to nurture strong relationships with our neighbours at Tsawwassen First Nation and Musqueam through partnerships and joint initiatives. After the 2018 election, Mayor Harvie organized the first ever council-to-council dinner with Musqueam Chief and Council. He also fostered a strong working relationship with the late Chief Ken Baird from Tsawwassen First Nation. Under Mayor Harvie’s leadership, the City of Delta also worked with Tsawwassen and Musqueam to develop land acknowledgement language which is now used at the beginning of every meeting of council. Mayor Harvie also worked with Tsawwassen and Musqueam to provide space to tell Indigenous stories in the new Douglas Husband discovery centre. Moving forward, we will continue to engage with Indigenous leaders, peoples and communities to work towards meaningful reconciliation.

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